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Track Premiere: Camera – “Debris”

By ; February 12, 2013 at 7:51 AM 


The guys in Camera have been playing together for well over ten years, and in that time, they’ve honed their post-rock surge to a fine edge.  Borrowing musical tics from bands ranging from Pere Ubu to Deerhunter, Camera lace their own indie rock subterfuge with enough unexpected twists and turns to keep them from being dragged down among the multitude of indie rock flotsam.  The jagged guitars which wrap themselves snugly around singer Justin Scro’s memorably catchy vocals seem to build and rise until they threaten to overwhelm everything around them. “Debris,” the first track from their upcoming self-released record The Panic and the Permanence, showcases the band’s innate ability to deftly layer sounds and textures without ever sounding cluttered or distracting.  As the elastic bass ebbs and flows and finally gives way to a wall of shredding guitar notes, Scro throws his voice into the rafters, where it hovers watching everything below.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere “Debris,” the first song from Camera’s upcoming album The Panic and the Permanence.


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