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Track Premiere: Calliope Musicals – “The Adventurers”

By ; November 1, 2013 at 10:19 AM 

Calliope Musicals

There is a feverish sense of pop spectacle to  the music crafted by Austin, TX collective Calliope Musicals.  There really isn’t any room for subtly in their PT Barnum circus of lights and sounds.  But then again, subtly was never their aim.  Throwing her fierce vocals skyward, singer Carrie Fussell channels the spirit of Janice Joplin, while the band tosses off a cacophony of psychedelic riffs, vibraphone jams, and chest rattling bass and percussion that could shake a mountain to its foundation.  But the band is hardly all sturm und drang.  There are moments where the band has the good grace to ease off on the musical fury and let their folk influence shine through a bit — though it’s not long before the band kicks the amps and once again reaches for the rafters.  The band will reach for even greater heights with the release of their upcoming EP, Clouds On Fire (due out December 10th).

On lead single “The Adventurers,” the band ties Fussell’s soaring voice with long lengths of greased-up riffs and a thunderous rhythm section that threatens to shake apart the speakers as you listen.  Punctuated by sludgy distortion and the fury of an unhinged locomotive, the song barrels ahead through looping melodies with a determined ferocity — a musical kineticism born from years of playing together.  But there are quieter moments as well within the song, and these brief interludes only heighten the expectation and excitement for the next cathartic chorus and set of squealing guitar lines.  And so Calliope Musicals’ music is probably not what you’re going to hear the next time the circus comes to town; it’s dark, mysterious, and slightly off-kilter, and so you’d probably not be surprised at how great the urge is to run off in the dead of night to join them.  The train just left the station — I’m sure you can catch it if you hurry.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the lead single, “The Adventurers,” from Calliope Musicals’ upcoming EP, Clouds On Fire.


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