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Track Premiere: Aly Tadros – “Behind My Hands”

By ; January 11, 2013 at 9:55 AM 

The Fits

Last time I reported on Aly Tadros, it was about her song “Sweet On Me” which I described as a “light, acoustic ballad.” The description wasn’t wrong as Tadros’ voice swept in over plucked acoustic strings like a summery breeze. I bring this up because on her latest track, she sounds almost completely different. “Behind My Hands” is the second cut to come from her upcoming album The Fits which she’ll release on January 15th and it’s noticeably a little gloomier.

“Behind My Hands” doesn’t feature any new instruments but instead utilizes her already existing ones and has them drape a curtain over the brightness that came with the last track. Guitar strings are plucked in a minor key, and cello and violin streaks come and go, almost swirling out of control; it’s almost nightmarish. Tadros herself sounds more weathered, like she’s harbouring disturbing images she would really prefer not to share. Come the final moments of the song she sings “I’m sorry,” which comes off like a defeated sentiment as much as it does a reason to go on no more. Before she sounded upbeat, with just a tinge of mystery about her whereas here she rides through ambiguous grounds, leaving the listener almost guessing as to what’s wrong, what’s brought her down. The listener can only wait for the rest of the picture to reveal itself come the 15th when her album will be released.

Until then, we here at Beats Per Minute are proud to premiere the new track, “Behind My Hands” which you can listen to below.

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