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Stream: Song from Ryan Adams’ “legit” metal album

By ; March 13, 2010 at 2:14 AM 

Ryan Adams, who dropped his pursuits with The Cardinals last year, has come back–albeit in different form. This time, he’s turning to “metal,” sort of like his releases under the Werewolph moniker. He has a metal album coming out (“most legit METAL record,” in his own words), called Orion, under his own Pax-Am label. If you’re curious to hear what it sounds like when Ryan Adams does “metal,” check out “Electrosnake,” a track from the forthcoming LP (streaming via Stereogum):

Ryan Adams – “Electrosnake”

To me, it’s still so tinged with Americana that it just sounds like Ryan Adams’ version of metal, sort of like how Octahedron was supposedly The Mars Volta’s version of an acoustic record. Also, it’s safe to say that, while this might not be a metal record in a traditional sense, it’s pretty heavy. Ryan, didn’t you say that you were hoping to start writing quieter music?

We’ll see how the rest of Adams’ album sounds when we get more sneak peaks in the near future. Orion is being pressed next week, according to the man himself.

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