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New Shins songs – “The Rifle’s Spiral” + “Double Bubble”

By ; May 14, 2009 at 4:09 PM 

“The Rifle’s Spiral” (Live In Oakland)

“Double Bubble” (Live In Hollywood)

There you have it. Both new songs that The Shins have been playing with their new line-up. As you may know Martin Crandall (keyboard/bass) and Jesse Sandoval (drums) are gone, replaced with Ron Lewis (bass) and Modest Mouse drummer Joe Plummer, because front-man James Mercer is going for a new sound with his new tunes.

The Shins are looking at 2010 for a new album on Mercer’s new label Aural Apothacary. Until then, you can hear Mercer on the Dark Night of the Soul project. But heads up, I believe the stream has been taken down.

(via Stereogum)

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