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MP3s: The Walkmen – “Darlin’ Companion,” “Wanted Man,” “Mr. Lonesome” (Johnny Cash covers) and “The Auld Triangle”

By ; September 8, 2011 at 10:54 AM 

The Walkmen were in Seattle last night playing with Fleet Foxes, but while in the area they stopped by local radio station KEXP to perform a session. We certainly know what they’ve been bumping on their tour bus recently as they decided to take the opportunity, not to promote their own material it seems but to play a bunch of Johnny Cash covers.

They started the session with “Darlin’ Companion” and secondly played “Wanted Man,” which they admitted is a Bob Dylan song, but they “play the Johnny Cash version.” Following that it seems they decided to turn the whole set into a Johnny Cash covers session playing “Mr. Lonesome” and “The Auld Triangle” which, though not really a Cash song either, has been performed by so many people that it seems almost certain that Cash did it at some point.

We’ve cut out the songs from the session for you to stream or download below. If you want to hear the whole session with the talking between then you can do by clicking here.

They also revealed that they are going to record their new album in Seattle in November.


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