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MP3: The Weathermen – “Reports of a Possible Kidnapping”

By ; June 15, 2009 at 6:02 PM 

The Weathermen

However it leaked, it’s up on the Definitive Jux label site now. Finally, we have a sneak peak of the first official Weathermen album, providing you call their 2003 release The Conspiracy what it truly is: a mixtape. The album, which has had the working title The New Left for quite some time now, is expected out this year on Definitive Jux.

MP3: The Weathermen – “Reports of a Possible Kidnapping”

Founder of the group, Cage has a new album coming out entitled Depart from Me due out July 7th, also on Definitive Jux. And if you have the time, read up on the original “Weathermen”.

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