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MP3: The Henry Clay People – “California Wildfires”

By ; March 9, 2011 at 10:02 PM 

It is very possible that you are not hip to The Henry Clay People yet. The L.A. band seems to have left the local-band spectrum out here and have now become a tiny fish in the giant pond of the global music scene. We wish them luck. But, chances are they won’t need it if they keep penning songs like “California Wildfires,” from their upcoming EP, This Is A Desert. If the tune reminds you of other hyper-literate storytellers like Craig Finn and Hutch Harris, then you think like I do. Sure, it is not the coolest sound in the world, but when it works, as it does often for The Henry Clay People, it can be some of the most rewarding music available.

Look for This Is A Desert in May and check out “California Wildfires” below.

The Henry Clay People – California Wildfire by One Thirty BPM

(Via Aquarium Drunkard)


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