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MP3: Summer Leather Vest – “Fuck That Condom”

By ; April 4, 2012 at 12:01 PM 

You’d think Joe Budden would be busy with Slaugherhouse’s approaching mainstream debut. Instead, the prolific, ever controversial, rapper formed a duo with smooth crooner Emanny, Summer Leather Vest. While the project will almost certainly never amount to more than a buzz creator for the two talents, it’s a great combo for fans of hip hop. Budden’s intense lyricism, among the best writers in hip hop presently, and abrasive flow meshed with the ‘vibe to it’ quality of Emanny’s buttery hooks makes for quite a treat.

This track is the perfect example, a groovy joint dedicated entirely to the woes and pleasures of, shall we see, un-safe sex. You gotta imagine the two chuckling over this one (“it’s just my way of sayin’ I don’t want nothin’ comin’ between me and you”), and it makes for a good listen.

Also be sure to check out their earlier Valentines track “Tell Him Something” (also below for your listening pleasure), less clever in concept, but even more smooth. If you’ve become a fan, also look for “Unison” and “What Yo Name Is” (Budden gets his Drake on here, however. It’s…odd), and expect the full, presumably free, project soon.

Hit the jump for the download.

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