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MP3: Mesita – “The Front Range”

By ; August 9, 2011 at 12:53 PM 

Despite having recently released his album Here’s To Nowhere under the Mesita moniker, James Cooley has already been hard at work on new material it seems. And, even better, he’s willing to give us a free taste. This new track, “The Front Range,” is featherlight and refreshing, perfect for sunny summer afternoon drive in the countryside (perhaps on the roads pictured in the above cover art). A look at the lyrics, however, reveals a darker theme, so there’s plenty to get engrossed in with this song.

Download below, and if you’re interested we’ve pasted the lyrics beneath.

Mesita – “The Front Range”


recurring dreams
a world short circuiting
all is not gone
rise up soldier on

deeper into the haze
these days cant feel a thing

front range skies
long to be worth this
the thunderheads roll on
they build and then are gone


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