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MP3: DIVE – “Bambi Slaughter” (Kurt Cobain cover)

By ; April 6, 2012 at 3:15 PM 

Yesterday DIVE, the band formed by Beach Fossils member Cole Smith, announced the release of their debut album Oshin. While recording Oshin Smith was holed up in a cabin wherein he was surrounded by old cassettes and records. Inspired by many of these things and artists, one of the bands that left a big impression upon him and the sound of the record was Nirvana. Delving further into their catalogue, Cole discovered “Bambi Slaughter,” a home demo created by Kurt Cobain that was never completed. Smith decided to record his own version, typically shoegazey, but a lot darker than much of his material. Stream or download it below.

MP3: DIVE – “Bambi Slaughter” (Kurt Cobain cover)

Look for Oshin on June 26th via Captured Tracks.

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