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MP3: Classixx – “Into the Valley” (YACHT Remix)

By ; April 21, 2011 at 5:59 PM 

Green Label Sound, the originally strange but consistently awesome music label of Mountain Dew, released their newest single this week from LA producer/DJ duo Classixx. “Into the Valley” was already an upbeat and funky dance track, cut from the same cloth as Holy Ghost! or Chromeo, but YACHT‘s remix makes some additional tweaks that make it all the more dance floor ready. The remix strips away the brass instruments and focuses more on the analog synths and drum reverb, making “Into the Valley” sound more techno than pop in a way that’s both elegant and fun. “Into the Valley” (YACHT Remix) is dance pop at it’s finest, with dilating synths and hand clap beats this track proves once again that Mountain Dew is cooler than PBR. Well, maybe it doesn’t settle that debate, but this track rocks.

Classixx (feat. Karl Dixon) – Into The Valley (YACHT Remix) by One Thirty BPM

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