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MP3: Big Boi – “Follow Us” (Feat. Vonnegutt)

By ; June 19, 2010 at 2:58 AM 

Kind of a disappoint for me this time around, but I guess it’s hard to follow up bangers like “General Patton” and “Shutterbug”. The chorus is really where the track loses me, featuring vocals from Vonnegutt who brings less flow and more singing than any of the other tracks we’ve heard so far. Sad thing is, this track will probably become a Top 40 hit by the end of the summer instead of his much better material, oh well I guess. Grab the new track and add one more piece to the crazy Sir Lucious Leftfoot puzzle. [Via]

MP3: Big Boi – “Follow Us” (Feat. Vonnegutt)

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