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MP3 Battle – Amanda Blank: Eli Escobar’s “Only You” vs. Spank Rock’s “Bump”

By ; June 29, 2010 at 7:06 PM 

So I’ve got another debate for you, this one centering around rapper/singer Amanda Blank. Today the video was released for Eli Escobar’s song “Only You,” for which Ms.Blank provides the vocals. The song is great and she sounds broody, raspy, and fantastic. However, I was first introduced to Amanda Blank via Spank Rock’s 2006 release YoYoYoYoYoYo on the track “Bump.” Since then she’s gone on to make tons of music with Spank Rock, Aarone Lacrate, and tons others, largely within the realm of hip-hop. So my questions is: which do you prefer- the rare, more melodious Amanda from “Only You” or the raunchier, will-kick-your-ass-and-then-bang-your-man Amanda from “Bump”? (If you want to skip straight to her verse on “Bump,” it starts around 2:55, but the whole song is good.)

MP3:Eli Escobar Ft. Amanda Blank – “Only You”

MP3:Spank Rock Ft. Amanda Blank – “Bump”

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