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MP3: Alex Bleeker & Evan Brody – “Motor Away”

By ; July 10, 2010 at 2:00 AM 

In the past year or so, Alex Bleeker and Bleeker-related projects have probably gotten more play on my computer than anything else. Between his amazing debut album Alex Bleeker & The Freaks, various Real Estate releases, his Curation Club tape and other random collaborations, this man has been soundtracking my life for quite some time. So when his new track with Evan Brody of Family Portrait debuted yesterday I was understandably excited.

“Motor Away” is a cover of the classic Guided by Voices track, re-skinned with Bleeker’s falsetto and complimented with the now-patented New Jersey surf guitar solo. “Motor Away” is also the first track off of the upcoming Guided by Guided by Voices album being curated by Dana Jewell of Wild Animal Kingdom Records, an album which isn’t finalized yet but is said to feature many of the guests from Wild Animal Kingdom’s monthly mixtapes. Hear “Motor Away” below and be sure to check back for a pre-order when this exciting project is finalized.

MP3: Alex Bleeker & Evan Brody – “Motor Away”

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