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MP3: Air France – “It Feels Good To Be Around You”

By ; August 5, 2011 at 2:16 PM 

In 2006 Swedish electronic duo released the loveable EP On Trade Winds. They followed this up with the adored EP No Way Down in 2008. Since then we’ve heard nothing. Nothing, that is, except a teaser video earlier this year hinting that they may return in 2011. Well, they didn’t lie. As Listen Before You Buy point out, Swedish label Sincerely Yours has uploaded a new Air France song for free download, called “It Feels Good To Be Around You.” The post on the label’s website comes with the above artwork and a catalogue number YOURS0172, which suggests that this will be released as a single possibly too. Download the song below.

The post also features this random exchange:

“i remember when i was supposed to do the page which says “a city is not a home..” and i suggested a line beneath the text to make it more elegant. after one and an half hour of trying back and forth with different lengths of the line joel says
– maybe it should be hand drawn? and maybe it could break in the centre like it was drawn by someone in great mental pain?
and i was like
– nigga wut?”

just to make it clear why we had to wait for this. and why it was so fucking worth it.

Make of that what you will.

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