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Listen/Download: Mount Fabric – “Books”

By ; October 17, 2013 at 3:54 PM 


We’re all guilty of it at some point in our listening career: you hear a bit of hiss or fuzz, and you instantly start the prejudice. There’s nothing wrong with lo-fi music AT ALL, but you hear an affiliated noise and you think assume you have a rough idea about what you’re dealing with. Enter “Books” by Manchester four-piece Mount Fabric, which begins with a bit of dissonant feedback before wandering into clearer territory as vocalist Alex Marczak panders about his piano chords in a manner not too dissimilar to Matt Bellamy. Then, about half way through the song, you’re suddenly dealing with something that’s a whole lot bigger than you ever thought it could be, like a huge beast in a Legend of Zelda game revealing itself to actually be fucking enormous. Come the second half of “Books” your into dead-funk guitar breakdown before an onslaught of noise finishes off any preconceptions. You’ll never feel safe assuming anything again. Listen to and/or download “Books” below, and if it sits well with you, then you’d do well to go back and check out the band’s previous single “Salamander“.


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