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Listen/Download: Mesita – “Distance”

By ; August 20, 2013 at 1:02 PM 


Still working harder than anyone else out there, James Cooley (aka Mesita) has yet another new track for listeners, slowly bringing together the content of this new album (which will be called Future Proof after all, and will hopefully be released later in the year). “Distance,” on first listen, sounds a little pieced together, but what might be mistaken for something scatter-shot is actually a track expertly fused together. Full of guitar riffs that begin to snarl as they go on, thoughtful organ chords, and a vocal take from Cooley that has him sounding up front and honest (especially when he sings “I don’t know the answers”), it adding to the palette without wiping away any of the colours he’s become accustomed to serving up. Listen to the track below via another video made by Cooley, capturing some wonderful Colorado skies and landscapes.

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