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Listen: Wilco – “Speak Into The Rose” and “Message From The Mid-Bar”

By ; September 30, 2011 at 2:18 PM 

Fans of Wilco who listened to their new album The Whole Love may have been disappointed that the middle of the album didn’t have songs quite as long or experimental as the first and last tracks (“Art of Almost” and “One Sunday Morning”). If so, then perhaps this album bonus track “Speak Into The Rose” will help a little to satisfy. Admittedly, the song is an instrumental, but it comes in at just under seven minutes and allows the band, Nels Cline in particular, to showcase their musical skills.

The other bonus track, “Message From The Mid-Bar,” is more akin to those found on the main portion of The Whole Love, but with some nice fingerpicking and pitch bending it could easily make a case for being on the record.

Finally, there is also an alternate version of “Black Moon.”

Take a listen below.

Wilco – “Speak Into The Rose”

Wilco – “Message From The Mid-Bar”

Wilco – “Black Moon” (Alternate Version)

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