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Listen: Wax Fang – “Hearts Are Made For Beating”

By ; October 25, 2013 at 6:46 PM 

Hearts Are made

“Hearts Are Made For Beating” is Wax Fang’s third stand alone single of the year, once again delivering an genre-hopping example of a band always able to deliver on their fun homophonic titles. Only this time, they’ve changed things a bit: “Hearts Are Made For Beating” isn’t about punching an organ in an even bloodier pulp, but instead is something of an affectionate turn from the Kentucky band as lead singer Scott Carney lowers his voice to a near trembling octave. “The heart is a bomb in your chest,” he sings, almost lamenting. But those (rightfully) thrilled by previous singles “The Blonde Leading The Blonde” and “King Of The Kingdom Of Man” need not feel too at a loss, as before the song’s time is up, we’re dealt a most pleasing psychedelic solo. That’s the rather delicious looking artwork for the single above, which will be released on Don’t Panic Records on November 5th. Also keep an eye out for the band’s forthcoming album. Due next year and titled The Astronaut, it’s “a space rock opera concerning the fate of an astronaut, swallowed by a black hole, and his transformation into a celestial super being. It is an ode to the wonder and majesty of the universe, as told by Wax Fang.” Hold onto your hats, because you know it’s going to be epic. Listen to “Hearts Are Made For Beating” below.

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