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Listen: Via Vegrandis – “Foot In The Jamb”

By ; April 10, 2013 at 9:26 AM 

Via Vegrandis

It’s been three years since The Radio Dept. released their last album, Clinging To A Scheme, and if history is to repeat itself for the band, then chances are we won’t get any new material from them any time soon. Thus, your long-term patience is to be rewarded by Via Vegrandis and his new song, “Foot In The Jamb.” Swept over with that undeniably lovely Labrador Records sheen, “Foot In The Jamb” is a bleary, sunnied affair that recalls a version of Craft Spells with more smoothness while lead singer/sole member Jared Bane has one of those voices that reminds me of someone very particular, but whom I can’t put a name to. Consequently i’ve found myself listening over and over again (which is no bad thing), hoping to suddenly remember. Feel free to follow suit and listen below. The song comes from the self-titled EP, which is out April 30th on Flannelgraph Records.

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