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Listen to The Dead Weather’s Sea of Cowards Now

By ; April 30, 2010 at 1:55 PM 

In what might be the cleverest way I’ve ever seen an album streamed before, the Dead Weather are streaming their new album Sea of Cowards right now for the next 24 hours using Ustream. That’s right, they are playing the new album via Vinyl with a live camera feed. This prevents people from ripping the mp3 files directly from the stream. So while a stream rip might surface, the quality will be mediocre to say the least.

This works for everyone though, because Dead Weather fans gets to hear the album early – and the label doesn’t have to worry about a quality leak being out there (which is often the result of regular formatted streams). There is going to be guest DJ’s throughout the day, so stay tuned. You never know who you may turn up. Sea of Cowards comes out May 11th via Third Man Records.

You can hear the stream here. Don’t worry, they are going to be playing the album in it’s entirety over and over for the next 24 hours, so if you jump in late, you will eventually hear the album front to back once it starts over.

Sea of Cowards Tracklist:

1. “Blue Blood Blues”
2. “Hustle and Cuss”
3. “The Difference Between Us”
4. “I’m Mad”
5. “Die by the Drop”
6. “I Can’t Hear You”
7. “Gasoline”
8. “No Horse”
9. “Looking at the Invisible Man”
10. “Jawbreaker”
11. “Old Mary”

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