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Listen: The Samps – “Overnight Lo”

By ; July 31, 2013 at 12:49 PM 

Macrochips and microdips

It appears that “Plans,” the new seemingly one-off track we brought you from The Samps not long ago isn’t a flash in the pan. Instead it features on a soon to be released compilation album will gather together material by the band, including the aforementioned track and the songs from their self-titled debut EP. Also on the tracklisting (which is below) is “Overnight Lo,” a smooth, late-night cut that wouldn’t sound out of place playing form a car stereo on a night’s drive home. Listen to it below. The compilation album, called Macrochips and Microdips, will be released on Auguest 28th, via Big Love.

Macrochips & Microdips

1. Gusto [unreleased]
2. F.X.N.C.
3. Twice High
4. Thys
5. Train’s Coming (Edit)
6. Hyperbolic
7. Cosmic Bacon
8. Wizard’s Sleeve
9. Peppergood
10. Where You From
11. Yellowjacket
12. Plans
13. Frail Life [unreleased]
14. Overnight Lo [unreleased]

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