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Listen: Tati Ana – “Cold Water”

By ; November 14, 2013 at 6:53 PM 

Tati Ani

Moscow-born Tatiana Kochkareva comes with a busy past and has plenty of influences to work from. Inspired by the grandeur of Queen and Pink Floyd, classically trained under Irina Vladimirovna (who was a student of the esteemed Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich), and taking cues from music as far reaching the folk scene in Bulgaria, as a listener, there’s plenty to dissect. On her new track as Tati Ana, she pushes her already low voice into new territory, sounding at one point like she’s submerged before rising from it gracefully as stuttering almost Blues-esque computer beat fizzes in and out of the picture. “Cold Water” is the first track to be taken from her forthcoming Crescent EP (her third EP in total; along with two albums to the Tati Ana name, Kochkareva has had a busy few years with the Tati Ana name) which is due out early next year; listen below.


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