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Listen: Secret Colours – “Blackbird (Only One)”

By ; April 4, 2013 at 12:28 PM 

Secret Colours

If The Men had taken a different route to their album Open your Heart, then there’s the possibility a track could have ended up sounding something like Secret Colours’ “Blackbird (Only One).” Secret Colours feed off of guitar rock and pop from decades past, ranging from Hendrix-era guitar noodling to bleary 90s UK bands like the Stone Roses, but with their new single they still cut a piece of gold that’s something to be called their own. “Blackbird (One One)” might start off sounding like it’s keeping its cool and playing by numbers, but before long it break down into a coolly performed coda. The track comes from their upcoming album Peach, which the band will release May 28th. Listen to “Blackbird (Only One)” below.

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