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Listen: R. Kelly – “Feelin’ Single”

By ; May 11, 2012 at 6:11 PM 

For fans of R. Kelly at his more traditional, the first track (“Share My Love”) released from the legendary crooner’s approaching album, Write Me Back, was somewhat confusing. Not bad, just a strange direction for Kelly to have chosen, particularly following his closest foray into old school R&B in years, Love Letter. Not to mention that he’d assured his fans this album would be ‘the new 12 Play‘, at which point it was titled Black Panties, leading some to grumble over potential label tampering (insert Prince’s Black Album references here).

They should be more easily acclimated to this latest track, “Feelin’ Single”, which boasts a vibe more akin to Kelly’s preferred smooth dance hits. No precise date for the album as of yet, stay tuned.

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