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Listen: Quiltland – “Days”

By ; February 16, 2013 at 10:50 PM 


Making a name for herself by tackling the extensive festival rounds in her home country of Sweden over the past year, producer/musician Frida Li Lövgren makes music that feels and sounds more closely tied to emotion and instinct than to any strict musical or lyrical narrative.  Her latest song, the subdued and delicately introspective “Days,”  comes courtesy of Astro:Dynamics and feels perfect for soundtracking the last days of Winter.  Shifting between moody synths and subtle percussion, “Days” never sounds rushed and seems to delight in taking its’ time to unfurl note by note, as we hang on to every casual twist and turn.  There have been rumors circulating online about an official full-length release  coming sometime this year via Astro:Dynamics, but until we get some sort of concrete confirmation, “Days” will have to suffice–though I doubt fans would complain much.  Check out the track below.

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