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Listen: Paul Conrad – “Heresy Baby”

By ; October 6, 2013 at 6:05 PM 

Paul Conrad

As music builds and builds in a song, it can often be hard to stay in the centre and still sound personal and poignant. “Heresy Baby” is a track that manages to steer clear of that fate. Singer Paul Conrad adds in chugging guitars that verge on woozy pub singalong sways, but on top of all the noise, he’s still pleading for something. “You’re heresy, baby,” he sings, like he’s trying shrug off of a malcontent feeling from the past, but come the final ninety seconds – as the bombast falls away to a strangely ethereal hum – he sounds like he’s coming to a conclusion, like that we can’t shake away these feelings completely. They’re still in us, but thankfully Conrad manages to use them to create affecting songs, as evidenced on “Heresy Baby.” Listen below.


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