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Listen: Natasha Kozaily – “Shooting Stars” (feat. Matthew Molarius)

By ; June 21, 2013 at 11:17 AM 

Serenading Renegades

With each passing single, Natasha Kozaily’s forthcoming album Serenading Renegades becomes a more tantalizing release. We’ve already heard the infectious tumble of “The Tiniest Elephant In The World” and the lighter, but still as catchy “Who We Be” and now here’s a third track to add to that. “Shooting Stars” in notably more downtempo, with fluttering piano and some pleasantly unobtrusive vocals from Matthew Molarious, but is still as lovely as the tracks that preceded it. Kozaily might not be out to feed you hooks this time, but she can still cause a swoon with her lyrical sentiments (“I recognize constellations in your eyes”). Listen below.

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