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Listen: My Morning Jacket – “Octoplasm”

By ; April 15, 2011 at 12:46 PM 

Are you a member of My Morning Jacket’s Roll Call? No, neither are we. Seems like there’s plenty of reason to be though, mainly because you’ll get lots of new songs through their “Self-Hypnosis Series.” Want to know more about what the heck that actually is? Here’s what the band has to say about it:

“My Morning Jacket would like to welcome all those who join the new MMJ Roll Call fan club into their much talked about and highly controversial “Self-Hypnosis Series” as well. The Self-Hypnosis Series will begin an exploration into the core of each individual heart, mind, body, and soul that joins the Roll Call fan club. Based on a desire to help each individual fan reach a state of emotional bliss, a new algorithm was recently developed at Removador HQ. It can sense listeners temperature and emotional climate at the time of listening-thru any listening device, be it speakers or headphones, and cater a listening experience truly unique for each listener. MMJ will carefully handcraft and carve pieces of music that will provide a vehicle for the listener to enter a new gateway of self exploration and understanding based on their current state of mind at the time of each listen. The Self-Hypnosis Series will start with a piece entitled “Octoplasm” which will be available via download immediately upon joining Roll Call. New titles in the Self-Hypnosis series will appear randomly, or on a strict schedule and will be available only to Roll Call members. We hope you are to enjoy!”

Here’s the first song from the series, “Octoplasm.” It’s not clear yet whether the song will be on their new album Circuital, which is released on May 31st.

[via SKoA]


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