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Listen: Morgan Doctor – “West Coast”

By ; September 13, 2013 at 6:34 AM 

Major Over Minor

There are two notable facts about Morgan Doctor’s third album, Major Over Minor: it was created during an extended period of solitude, and it’s her her first to be entirely instrumental. Created after the breakup of a relationship and leaving a band (The Cliks), she sought to create something that was purely her and the music. The end result is a journey marking the shift from being alone, to finding space in the new world. “West Coast” is a cut from the album which captures this perfectly, working outwards from a misty centre, and towards bigger, brighter horizons. Being primarily a drummer, “West Coast” boasts more than a fair share of complex and inviting rhythms and textures to lead along the shimmering synths and guitars. Like the album title, it sounds like the more upbeat key winning over a downtrodden minor equivalent. Listen to “West Coast” below, and check out Morgan Doctor’s third album, which is out now on Aporia Records.

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