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Listen: MONOGEM – “All We Have”

By ; October 25, 2013 at 7:15 PM 

The Glow

MONOGEM’s new track “All We Have” plays a clever trick. It begins with a fade-in, which, you’re right in thinking isn’t anything ground breaking in the world of music. But come the end of the track and it plays again, it sounds like the whole thing is one piece, the fade in acting as a building break between the song’s glimmering, sparkling choruses all led by Jen Hirsh’s clean, illuminating vocals. Floating somewhere between a Top 40 hit and a yet to be released track by CHVRCHES with just a hint of Rhianna in the vocal melodies, it’s a shimmering number that will play some trick on you, making you want to repeat the track over and over yourself. Listen to “All We Have” below, which is taken from the band’s forthcoming The Glow EP.


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