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Listen: Lone – “Begin To Begin”

By ; June 20, 2013 at 5:33 PM 

Airglow Fires

Lone has a new single on the way, courtesy of R&S. The Airglow Fires 12″ will be released July 9th, and we’ve already heard the title track but can now feast your ears with the pleasantly melodic b-side “Begin To Begin.” Like “Airglow Fires,” Matt Cutler is on top form but this time he sounds like he’s keeping something up his sleeve. The drums are invested in a bass-y sound, and that melody is lovely, but there’s seems to be something else at play here. One can only hope to figure it out with multiple listens; Cutler’ work might have a likeable instant appeal, but his tracks (and albums) are subtle enough to require some time. Listen to “Begin To Begin” below.

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