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Listen: Linnea Olsson – “All 4 U”

By ; November 3, 2013 at 8:15 PM 

Linnea Olsson

Swedish cellist Linnea Olsson is set to release her latest collection of intimate, delay-drenched songs when Ah! drops on January 21st via Gotterfunk Productions.  In the lead up to its release, Olsson has just shared “All 4 U,” a track which finds the singer’s wispish voice overlaid on looped cello rhythms and not much else. It’s a beautifully sparse song that finds a certain balance between its superficial naivety and the sense of understanding that she imparts to its cyclical harmonies and intricate melodies.

When discussing the song Olsson says, “All 4 U” is a song that is about the first state of being totally in love with someone. I wanted to try and capture the feeling of when you are so smitten that you don´t understand what you´re doing, when you are totally out of control of how your body reacts when you see that person.”  The resulting emotional resonance of “All 4 U” is a testament to her success.  Listen to “All 4 U” below.


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