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Listen: Junior Pande – “OPL”

By ; June 19, 2013 at 2:25 PM 

Junior Pande - Tape Three

Justin Peroff, the drummer from Broken Social Scene, has a secret. But it’s a secret he’s more than willing to share as Junior Pande. In his off time, Peroff dabbles in fractured beats, atonal rhythms, and electronic atmospherics. He’s just released his third tape–called oddly enough Tape Three–on Spring Break Tapes. It’s a limited edition of 100, so head over to the label’s website to snag a copy. The latest track from the record, “OPL,” finds Peroff mining the same arrhythmic tones, synth flourishes, and bass culture accoutrements as he has in the past, but there is a playfulness that seems to seep through the cracks here which keeps the song from feeling overly serious. Not that there isn’t a spaced-out feel to the blips, bleeps, and compacted percussion but Peroff keeps things moving swiftly and determinedly, even when it feels as though we’re skipping over genres like a stone over water. Listen to “OPL” below.

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