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Listen: John Vanderslice – “Vitas At Wimbledon”

By ; August 5, 2013 at 9:36 PM 

John Vanderslice

Following his latest LP, the Kickstarter-sourced Dagger Beach, and a full album reworking of Bowie’s Diamond Dogs, John Vanderslice wanted to give something back to fans who had supported the release of these two records.  Among the plethora of rewards Vanderslice gave out to monetary supporters, one of the most interesting was a completely new song called “Song for Clay Miller,” and it found the artist in a more whimsical mood, musically.

As a Vanderslice Kickstarter supporter and founder of The Native Sound record label, Julio Anta took it upon himself to secure a physical release for this track.  And so, on August 6th, The Native Sound will make “Song for Clay Miller” and its previously unreleased alternate a-side “Vitas At Wimbledon” (an outtake from Vansderslice’s 2009 record Romanian Names) available on a 7″ flexi disc.  “Vitas At Wimbledon” wraps Vanderslice’s echo-laden vocals around skeletal percussion with a bare minimum of extra instrumentation — this track screams less-is-more and delivers on the promise of both its forebear (Romanian Names) and his more recent records.  Listen to “Vitas At Wimbledon” below and then head over to The Native Sound’s website to procure a copy of the 7″ for yourself.

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