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Listen: Jason Lescalleet – “An Archaic Code”

By ; August 20, 2013 at 1:19 PM 

Jason Lescalleet

Musical primitivism is alive and well in the work of drone auteur Jason Lescalleet.  Employing a collection of vintage reel-to-reel tape recorders and basic electronics, he experiments with analog tape loops of found sound, atmospheric noise, and the cacophonous clatter of everyday life.  On his latest piece of drone work, “An Archaic Code,” Lescalleet weaves ethereal organ lines and basic synthesizer sounds into something that resembles a half-formed memory or possibly a dream in its last dying throes before completely dissolving back into the subconscious.  Released today, you can pick up a copy of his Archaic Architecture cassette over at NNA Tapes.  Listen to “An Archaic Code” below, which incidentally is one of only two tracks on the cassette – not that you’ll be complaining once you succumb to its Basinski-esque waves of minimalist euphoria.

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