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Listen: James Holden – “Renata”

By ; May 13, 2013 at 7:39 AM 

James Holden

From the opening warbling arpeggios and chest thumping percussion of James Holden’s latest single “Renata,”  you can be sure that the UK producer has come roaring back from his debut, the much beloved The Idiots Are Winning, and is ready to drop another collection of thickly viscous beats and shimmering synth instrumentation.  The brightly lit production and tightly wound kineticism of “Rentata” only goes to show that Holden owes no debts to any of his dance contemporaries, and his music easily stands apart from the mob of producers hoping to recreate the magic of artists like LCD Soundsystem or Boards of Canada.  This isn’t musical derivation so much as it is musical reinvention.  His upcoming album The Inheritors is due out June 17th on Holden’s own Border Community imprint.  Check out his latest track below.

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