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Listen: I’m In You – “Call Me When You’re Drunk”

By ; September 5, 2013 at 11:44 AM 

I'm In You - Trust

Brooklyn’s post-punk dance-rockers I’m In You are gearing up for the release of their third album, Trust, on November 5th via Mean Records.  Since 2007, the band — along with a revolving cast of supporting musicians – has been creating fractured electronic rhythms and minimalist rock detonations steeped in 80’s art rock and free jazz-inspired musical psychoses.  And if you think that the band may be dipping their quills into a few too many inkwells, then you’ve probably not heard their latest single, the indie rock/synth-pop chameleon, “Call Me When You’re Drunk.”  The track weaves 80’s art rock rhythms with hushed, intimate vocals that deftly pull the listener close before erupting in euphoric synth-pop attitude.

“”Call Me When You’re Drunk” is a love song for dipsomaniacs and melancholy nightlife vampires, says singer/guitarist Sebastian Ischer.  “It started out as a Roxy Music/Duran Duran-style seduction groove, but there’s a sadness and desperation undermining the dancey beat as the song’s narrator realizes that his search for oblivion is tipping into futility – his beloved has blacked out before him, leaving him stranded at the desperate edge of the party.  “Call Me When You’re Drunk” might be our favorite of all the songs we’ve written in the past 6 years.  It evokes a distinct mood that seems to exist outside of our efforts in creating it,  which could be our highest goal in music – to create a song so good it lets us forget we had anything to do with it.”

Listen to “Call Me When You’re Drunk” below.


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