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Listen: Galaxy Cat – “Dark Velvet”

By ; September 4, 2013 at 10:25 AM 

Dark Velvet

Galaxy Cat – everyone’s favourite Swedish duo until Jens Lekman and Frida Hyvönen formally hook up and make some music together – are back. The pair of enthusiastic youngsters are more than a year on from their goofily enjoyable debut album Very.Important.Party., and since then, they’ve been relatively quiet. They’ve since released the slow-burning “Moonlight,” a ballad for romantic boat rides through dreamy, picaresque rivers, and now they’ve got another track to present. “Dark Velvet” is aptly titled, furrowing deeper in the melancholia hinted at on the aforementioned track. It’s brooding number, with the funk buried deep beneath the clattering drums as Michelle’s vocal sound more substantial and affirmative then before, all while retaining that wispy quality. Kind of like Geneviève Castrée of Woelv/Ô PAON fame. Listen to “Dark Velvet” below.


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