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Listen/Download: Elvis Depressedly – Hotter Sadness

By ; October 8, 2012 at 7:16 PM 

UPDATE: Pay what you want for the album over at Cothran’s Bandcamp

Last week Mat Cothran–the man behind Coma Cinema and Elvis Depressedly— announced that his newest album under the Depressedly moniker would be arriving October 9th on Bandcamp with physical copies to come later via Orchid Tapes. Well, the kind folks at Portals snagged a stream of the record early and you can now listen to it below.

Cothran had this to say about the record over at Portals

“I’ve spent the last year surviving, going from one bad home life to another, arriving every time exhausted, hiding from disaster only to invite it inside once I get too comfortable.

Maybe that’s why all my recording gear is fucked? All this aimless, alcoholic free-wheelin’ psychic slavery. All this petty judgement day dreamin’ away a life sentence.

I was born on May 22, 1988. The album cover is me, on that date.

I know this album doesn’t sound the way a lot of people might want it to. I did my best to work through the limitations because I have to write songs, I don’t know what else there is.

The world is a bleak and beautiful being. It knows you, and knows what you need, all you have to do is ask.”


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