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Listen: Death Grips – “True Vulture Bare”

By ; September 30, 2012 at 9:02 AM 

Unceremoniously appearing online yesterday, and through dubious means, we have a taste of a possible new track which may or may not be on Death Grips’ upcoming album, NO LOVE DEEP WEB. We’re still waiting for some kind of statement from the band regarding this track, but in the meantime, enjoy this slice of Death Grips aggro-pie, replete with skittering beat, sirens, and Stefan Burnett’s typically confrontational vocals. Until we hear more from the band, take this track’s casual Youtube appearance with a bit of skepticism.

UPDATE: The band will be releasing the album tonight at 12 AM PST, because of Sony Music’s unwillingness to give the album a release date in 2012.




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