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Listen: Bryant Dope – “NNY” (feat. ANTHM)

By ; May 8, 2013 at 6:52 AM 

Bryant Dope and Hannibal King

From the opening voice-over telling us that “this is New York,” the latest track from Bryant Dope evokes dark alleyways and  Taxi Driver-esque levels of frustration amid the urban sprawl.  The sax that works its way between Dope’s flow seems drawn straight from some back-alley porno theater, and the beat is straight 70’s exploitation.  ANTHM seems to be channeling his inner Danny Brown while tossing off barbs like “in a taxi cab I see my city smashed” and “need at least a grand to feed the fam’.” Produced by Hannibal King, “NNY” is the title track from Dope’s recently released mixtape on Young One Records.  Listen to the track below.

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