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Listen: Audion – “Motormouth”

By ; November 4, 2013 at 12:38 PM 


If the name Audion has slipped your mind, then you can be forgiven as it’s been almost four full years since we heard anything released under the name. Instead you’ve probably heard the same musician releasing music under his actual name, that being Matthew Dear. Dear is bringing back Audion, complete with a soon to be released retrospective album (Audion X) due for release on December 10th via Spectral Sound. Dear will release a new single tomorrow, the lead track of which (and the first track of the compilation, too; the full tracklist is posted below) is “Motormouth,” a super-charged, high voltage cut that puts the energy the likes of Kavinsky tries to create to shame. “Motormouth” is released tomorrow and will be backed by “Sky,” and a brand new Audion album will see a release in the spring of next year. Listen to “Motormouth” below.

Audion X

01 Motormouth
02 Sky
03 Cloth (Just a Couch)
04 Mouth to Mouth
05 Noiser
06 Look at the Moon
07 Fred’s Bells
08 Billy Says Go
09 Kisses
10 The Pong
11 Titty Fuck
12 It’s Full of Blinding Light
13 I Am the Car
14 Just Fucking
15 Your Place or Mine
16 Wield
17 Just Me
18 Taut

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