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Full Album Stream: Sufjan Stevens – Silver & Gold

By ; November 13, 2012 at 1:10 PM 

The happy day when the next five volumes of Sufjan Steven’s Songs for Christmas is released is finally here. An early Christmas present in itself, yes, but fitting with the festive joy of the whole thing, you can now stream the whole damn five volumes over at Sufjan’s Bandcamp. With 58 tracks to choose from, it like looking under the tree to see loads of presents, only to be told they are all for you. Where to start?!

Also, Sufjan has another new video out. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” follows a girl running through a house, which is inhabited by a saw-wielding Santa, a family mourning the loss of their dog, a clown, and a fallen elf that looks suspiciously like Sufjan himself. Watch it below.

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