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Full Album Stream: Pantha du Prince – Black Noise

By ; January 29, 2010 at 7:16 PM 

One of our writers (Sam Olson) has already heard and reviewed the new Pantha du Prince album, but now, the rest of us can finally hear it, too. Black Noise is an incredible work in minimalist electronica, and the entire album has been provided for streaming in the awesomely wintry-looking widget below.

Listen closely for a cameo from Panda Bear on the track, “Stick to My Side.” Also, Tyler Pope (from !!!) is in the album somewhere.

Be sure to grab the free single “The Splendour” (courtesy of Rough Trade) while you wait for the album’s physical release on February 8.Pantha du Prince – “The Splendour”

(Via Stereogum)

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