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Full album stream: Blitzen Trapper – Destroyer of the Void

By ; May 31, 2010 at 6:21 AM 

The new album by Portland, OR folk rock band Blitzen Trapper is now streaming on NPR. The album is called Destroyer of the Void and will be released on June 8 through Sub Pop. Destroyer of the Void sees the band expanding on the sound of their previous album, 2008’s Furr, and bringing influences from, among others, The Beatles and early Queen to the front while still sticking to their familiar sound. Blitzen Trapper have also unveiled their new website, where you can trade an e-mail address for a download of “Dragon’s Song” from Destroyer of the Void and a demo of “Heaven and Earth”.

Stream the full album here.


1. Destroyer of the Void
2. Laughing Lover
3. Below The Hurricane
4. The Man Who Would Speak True
5. Love and Hate
6. Heaven and Earth (download mp3)
7. Dragon’s Song
8. The Tree (feat. Alela Diane)
9. Evening Star
10. Lover Leave Me Drowning
11. The Tailor
12. Sadie

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