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Download: Slaughterhouse – “My Life” (ft. Cee-Lo)

By ; April 25, 2012 at 12:48 PM 

Ever since Eminem began hinting at signing veteran collective Slaughterhouse, many asked one thing: how the hell was he gonna sell these guys? Each member is a more than adept MC, but a whole group of dudes determined to rip each and every second of their stage time to shreds is a hard thing to market in 2012.

So, when street-ready single “Hammerdance” dropped, we knew something more radio-friendly had to be coming. Here it is, complete with a sample of “Rhythm of the Night” and a hook from Cee-Lo. It’s, not surprisingly, rather pop-tastic, but each bar is well used, and the selection of Mr. Green was rather clever, one of the few crooners currently capable of delivering a pop chorus and still garner approval.

No word on a producer as of yet, but it’s doubtful this is one of the many beats Eminem is said to have provided. Download the track and look out for Welcome to: Our House on June 12th, barring any further pushbacks.

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