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Download: Elite Gymnastics – Ruin 1 / Ruin 2

By ; July 7, 2011 at 5:20 PM 

The creative design and musical duo of Josh Clancy and James Brooks, better known as Elite Gymnastics, are the kings of free releases. Last summer’s Real Friends EP was a terrific debut, followed by this year’s equally surreal Neu! ’92, the Minneapolis duo seem perfectly content with giving away their art. Their newest release, a double EP entitled Ruin 1 / Ruin 2, finds the band embracing a darker and more haunting sound than their previous material. Hissing synths, murky vocals, rolling drum machines, Elite Gymnastics continue to make interesting and relavent experimental electronic music, a combination rarely achieved.

Download: Ruin 1 / Ruin 2

elite gymnastics – “s o c l o s e t o p a r a d i s e”

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