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Check Out One Thirty BPM’s version of Kaiser Chiefs’ The Future Is Medieval

By ; June 3, 2011 at 10:42 PM 

We reported earlier today that the Kaiser Chiefs’ new album The Future Is Medieval had been released in a unique and modern way. Basically fans are able to:

1. Select 10 songs out of 20 to make up your own album.
2. Design your album artwork
3. Pay £7.50 and download your creation

So we here over at One Thirty BPM decided to get our editors together to piece together our own version of the album. We’re such music geeks, we just had to give this crazy scheme a shot. After a bit of debate and sequencing, we believe we’ve created the best possible version of the album. Our version is rad! Trust us! Plus the money we make on sales (we make £1 per sale) will go into the One Thirty BPM beer fund (no PBR). Think of it as an overly complicated way of buying us an expensive drink that also results in you getting a free album.

Not quite sold? Stream the previews on the page first. If you don’t cave after that… well, we tried. *shrug*

Check out our version of The Future Is Medieval here.

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